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A blessing in disguise for Chandra babu

A blessing in disguise for Chandra babuThe IAEA conflict between Congress and left parties apparently gives some reprieve for battering Telugu desam president.

Now a days his party is facing crisis after crisis; Senior leaders one after the other leaving the party; cadre no more active; leadership is loosing control over party activities.

In national politics too telugudesam which played a royal role in the past now isolated and UNPA is now a family about to be divided any moment.

That is now one side of coin.

The other side is, now telugudesam is the only party standing by communists in these crucial moments. It will help it to forge an alliance with left in state even if local leaders oppose. Not only is that it is heard left parties are thinking moving a no-confidence motion through Telugudesam party.

Rays of hope for it shine at least in opposition.

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