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200 fishing boats lay siege to GSPC off-shore rigs

200 fishing boats lay siege to GSPC off-shore rigs

In a unique way of protest, over 4,000 fishermen in about 200 fishing boats laid siege to off shore drilling rig of the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) in protest against the drilling operations.

The protesting boat men from about 50 coastal villages were led by Yanam MLA Malladi Krishnarao and Mummidivaram MLA Ponnada Satish Kumar. They sailed about 10 km into the Bay of Bengal from Bhiravapalem.

Tension gripped in the high seas for over three hours with security personnel of Marine police, local police of Amalapuram and Kakinada Police Sub-divisions and the Indian Coast Guard Ship cordoning of the area preventing them from approaching the drilling platforms.

The novel protest is over the negative stance of the GSPC authorities in providing compensation to the fishermen who were displaced by the drilling operations.

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