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“Gangnam Style” Becomes The Most Popular YouTube Video Ever

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” became The most popular YouTube Video Ever With Over 805 Million Views. It surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Bayb” to become most popular. “Ganganm Style” made its debut on July 15, 2012, where as Justin Bieber’s “Baby” had a decent run since its debut in February 2010 on Youtube. Remakes, Parodies and fan made songs of “Gangnam Style” are also making waves on YouTube and have garnered over 220 million views.

“Gangnam Style” is a K-Pop single by South Korean music artist PSY. Wiki says, The Phrase “Gagnam Style” is Korean neologism that refers to a life style associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul.

“Gangnam Style” Video Song:

Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

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