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Mesthri Movie Review

The Film Mesthri has the story of the 1990s, the spirit of 1980s and the screenplay style of the 1970s. (More...)

Mestri Movie Trailers

Mestri Audio Release Photo Gallery Mesthri Trailer 1 Mesthri Song Edhisamayam Mestri Song Nagamalli Mesthri Song Swatantrya Mestri Song Naa Mestri Mestri Song Anaganaga (More...)

Mesthri Telugu Movie

Mesthri is a hurried concoction of political preaching, moral messages, lifeless characters, insipid story telling (More...)

Dasrari’s Maistry releasing on March 11

Maistry, the film said to be full of political overtones, with Dasari Narayana Rao, Mohan Babu and Sri Hari in (More...)

Mestri Audio Release Photo Gallery

Mestri Audio Release Photo Gallery, Mesthri Audio Release Stills, Maistry music launch photos (More...)