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Too much Fruit Juice bad for health

Too much Fruit Juice bad for health

Fruit juice has always been recommended as a healthy food. But researcher Hans-Peter Kubis, of the Bangor university’s School of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences states that fruit juice should not be included in ”five-a-day” healthy portions because it contains too much sugar.

The research further revealed that overweight and obese people have a ”dulled” sensitivity to the fruit drinks, but enhanced ”subconscious liking” of the sweet taste.

This has serious implications for public health. This research shows how little sweet food stuffs are required to actually change your taste perceptions and how powerful sweet tasting products are.

In the wake of rising obesity and diabetes, Kubis has called for sugar to be taxed to stop an impending health ”disaster” and for fruit juice to be taken out of the ”five-a-day” health message. He also advices parents to give their children water instead of ”healthy” fruit drinks as well as carbonated drinks and cordials, which have high concentrated sugar.

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