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Today is World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day

The World Environment Day falls every year on June 5 and is celebrated all over the world. It is a day meant for people to seriously think of the importance of environment.
The day was first announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. The World Environment Day has been created to promote environmental issues to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development. It promotes an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues and advocates partnership that will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future. The day embodies this approach, raising awareness, encouraging people to voice their thoughts and do their utmost to improve the environment.
By resolution 2994 (XXVII) of December 15, 1972, the General Assembly designated June 5 as the World Environment Day, to deepen public awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the environment.
The date was chosen because it was the opening day of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment at Stockholm in 1972), which led to the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Twenty years later, the Assembly convened the United National Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, where nations came together to take the decisions needed to rekindle the hopes of the 1972 Conference and take up the challenges of a viable and equitable balance between environment and development and a sustainable future for the earth and its people.
The World Environment Day is celebrated in many ways: by taking out street rallies, bicycles parades, green concerts, essay and poster competitions in schools, planting trees, recycling efforts, clean-up campaigns and much more. In many countries, this annual event is used to enhance political attention and action.

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