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Taking care of skin problems in summer

Taking care of skin problems in summer

With the advent of summer and the mercury levels rising every day, the heat and humidity play a major role in our lives, keeping us hot and bothered. Summer brings with it a host of skin problems, some of which are:

Skin tan and burn: A suntan is actually the body’s defence mechanism against strong sunlight and the visible evidence of damage to the skin. Severe sunburn results in the redness of the skin, skin peeling and sometimes itching. Treatment : Avoiding sunlight and using a calamine lotion during the day. Also taking an allergic tablet during the day and night for a week along with a very mild steroid lotion at bedtime will help.

Acne: Aggravation of acne (pimples) as the heat, humidity, dead skin cells and oil tend to clog the pores thereby leading to comedones (blackheads) and then acne.Hygiene plays an important role. Treatment: Applying a mud-pack once a week to absorb the oil. Having plenty of water and taking supplements of Vitamin A, zinc and antioxidants and applying an erythromycin gel at bedtime.

Prickly heat: Excessive sweating and increased dead cell turnover blocks the sweat glands and causes a rash-like picture commonly known as ‘prickly heat’ especially in the folds of the skin where the sweat accumulates and maybe also on the the back. This leads to itching. Treatment: Having cool showers, wearing loose clothes, putting talcum powder after a bath, applying calamine lotion on the rashes.

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