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Sucheta Rakshit’s Music Therapy

Sucheta Rakshit’s Music Therapy

Sucheta Rakshit has a PhD in music therapy and she practices at Allahabad’s Jeevan Jyoti Hospital. She is also an advisor to the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

Sucheta says that every disease or injury has a connection with our brain. When we listen to music, it vibrates the cells in the brain and gives us the desired result. Music increases the metabolic activities within the human body and accelerates respiration, influences the internal secretion, improves the muscular activities and affects the central nervous system and circulatory system of the listener.

Her music therapy has cured Vinod Kumar of Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh when he went into a coma and he was made to listen to both morning and afternoon raags like Todi, Bhairab, Bhairabi, Malkosh, Rageswari and Raag Bihag.

Sushama, native of Allahabad, she was suffering from psychological disorders as she was unable to conceive. She was given music therapy for nearly two months and she is fully cured.

According to Sucheta, Raag Malhar, Raag Sorath, Raag Jaijiwanti are used to get rid of mental stress, Raag Bhairavi helps in curing asthma and cold as also sleeplessness. Raag Sarang cures headache and Raag Darbari improves heart conditions. Similarly, Raag Pancham reduces stomach disorders and Raag Shivranjini enhances memory.

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