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Royal Jelly gives a long healthy life

Royal Jelly gives a long healthy life

Central Bee Research and Training Institute (CBRTI) in Pune has produced Royal Jelly, a variety of honey which is said to increase longevity and possessing the most extraordinary medicinal qualities. Many medical journals have documented the great qualities of Royal Jelly.

Priced at rupees 15,000 per kilogram, it is surely not within everyone’s reach. Besides it is hardly sold in the domestic market and mostly used for export purposes. It is being endorsed as the most effective solution for time reversal so as to let one enjoy a few more years of life. Celebrities Vasundhra Raje and Amitabh Bachchan are said to be using this nectar.

The royal jelly is secreted from the hypo-phaseal gland of the bee. The secretion is used to attract the queen bee. In man, the secretion from the glands deteriorates with age. On consumption of this jelly, the gland secretions are increased and brought to the normal level. The age factor is reduced and person can live longer.

Other than its anti-aging abilities, it also stated to have the power to keep deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS at bay. The pollen collected by these bees is also a major source of protein and is a major help for those who are trying to shed a few kilos.

The pollen is laden with proteins. The vitamins, minerals and enzymes required on a daily basis are found in it. It is good for those who do not wish to have extra calories. Apart from carbohydrates it has everything. Those who have a sitting job, more to do with using the brain, it is of good use for them.

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