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Regular eye-care for eye health

Regular eye-care for eye health

It is necessary to follow a regular eye-care routine to maintain eye health and avoid infections or disorders.

Without proper care, we risk eye infection and even loss of vision since we expose our eyes to dust, sunlight and other environmental factors. Working professionals, in particular, should take extra care to combat the effect of countless hours spent in front of computers.

It is important to follow some basic guidelines for maintaining eye health. Here they are…

  • Maintaining a nutritious diet program packed with vital fruits and vegetables is a key factor in promoting good eye health.
  • Boost your immune system by avoiding adverse lifestyle habits like smoking or alcohol. A major side effect of smoking is that it affects the blood circulation around the eyes.
  • Besides improving your overall immune response and diet habits, it is mandatory to go for a comprehensive eye examination.
  • There are certain eye exercises that can help you improve your eye muscles and relieve stress. This is particularly important for those who suffer from eye strain problems associated with long working hours in front of the computer.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome can be treated with the help of simple eye exercises. Start by slowly opening your eyes and then moving them in all directions one at a time.
  • Another technique involves opening your eyes and then looking to the left and up. Hold for two seconds and then close your eyes to relax. This can be repeated by looking to your right-down, right-up and left-down.
  • While performing any kind of sports activity, make it a point to use protective goggles or eye wear.
  • Like the rest of your body, it is equally important to give proper rest to your eyes to prevent them from eye strain and fatigue. Refrain from spending unnecessary hours in front of the computer or television screen.

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