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Now fashion goes on line

Fashion designers, are finding the internet a great place to showcase their work. And, what is even better is that a potential customer can not only order a particular product, but can customise it as per his/her preference. It is more or less an interactive exercise in creativity. There are companies which have set up websites that allow designers and customers to create, alter, buy and sell their own creations. It is a great way for a person to share his/her work with others, and also for customers to purchase items that catch their fancy.

Arpana Priyadarshini, an upcoming fashion designer, says, “The basic idea behind this is personalisation. Customers and fashion designers can upload their personal ideas on the website. While customers can customise their choices to their own specifications, designers can showcase their work on the website and get the opportunity to sell. They are also given the option of setting up their own online shop by which they can promote their designs.”

Vijay Sharma, a freelance designer, wanted to use the internet as a medium to promote his work. He says, “I uploaded my designs on a website hoping to showcase my work. The people who run the website were very clear with me on all aspects. And, the response that I got from the customers was excellent.”

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