Meditate to reduce stress

Meditate to reduce stress

The amount of stress a person feels has a direct effect on his/her condition of health. There are many ways to distress oneself. But, the best way is to practice meditation.

Studies have shown that people who meditate regularly relieve nervous tension, stress, improve immune strength and normalise blood pressure

Here are three simple steps to practice meditation:

Step 1: Sit cross-legged. Keep your spine upright and shoulders relaxed. Gently place your hands on top of your knees with your palms facing up and fingers curled.

Step 2: Bring your attention to your body. Close your eyes gently as if going to sleep and then take a few seconds to consciously relax your entire body starting from the forehead. Relax your jaws, lips, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, chest, abdomen, legs, back, neck and head. Once you relax your whole body, slowly bring your awareness to your breathing. As you inhale, become aware that you are breathing in. As you exhale, become aware that you are breathing out. Don’t rush! Just let your mind flow with your breath.

Step 3: To end the meditation pay gratitude to God, parents, family and friends and then slowly become aware of your body and the surrounding. Open your eyes gently. Take a few seconds before you get to your daily routine.

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