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Marriage without children is happier

Prof Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University, having done research on married couples, has said that married life is the key to happiness but having children can ruin it all, and couples only recover their blissful existence once their offspring have left the nest.
According to him, a desire by couples to get a return on the time and money they have invested in their children is part of the reason they persuade themselves that their offspring are enhancing their lives.
The Professor’s report says that figures show that married people are in almost every way happier than unmarried people — whether they are single, divorced, cohabiting. Married people live longer, married people earn more money per capita, married people have more sex and enjoy it more.
However, when couples have kids, happiness plummet. Children do seem to increase happiness while you are expecting them, but as soon as you have them, trouble sets in. People are extremely happy before they have children and then their happiness goes down, and it takes another big hit when kids reach adolescence.

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