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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Jovial people are always healthy. Negative feelings and emotions have a way of disturbing the health of both the mind and the body. Laughter is now considered even therapeutic. Because it is found out that laughter induces positive changes in the body.

Here is what Laughter therapist, Kishore Harkishandas Kuvavala says:

Everybody should laugh at least for 10 minutes daily. One should begin their day by saying positive affirmative statements to attract positivity. It is important that one laughs daily, whether it’s a natural laugh or a forced one doesn’t matter. That’s because our body is unable to detect the reason for for why we are laughing. When we laugh, there occurs a chemical change in the body.

The level of cortisol (a stress hormone) gets lowered and endorphins and serotonins (happy hormones) get released in the body. A good hearty laugh acts tends to gently massage the body’s internal organs. Improved concentration and productivity are the other benefits of laughter.

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