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Indian models doggedly refuse to cat-walk in bikinis

Indian models doggedly refuse to cat-walk in bikinis All the top Indian female models walk the ramp in contemporary or traditional or western fashion attire revealing lots of skin without much ado, but cat-walking in bikinis or lingerie is a strict taboo to them..

No Indian designer has so far ventured into creating an exclusive line of bikinis or lingerie because of this self imposed ban on themselves by the Indian models.

It’s not just the fashion show. No mainstream Indian model is willing to appear in a lingerie advertisement. Thus, innerwear manufacturers have to rely on second or third rung models or even foreigners to pose for their products.

Model Laxmi Rana also thought it was a matter of personal choice but given the Indian milieu most models were not comfortable wearing a bikini. Model Urvashi Sharma went to the extent of saying bikinis went against Indian culture.

Advertising guru Prahlad Kakkar had a totally different story to tell on this bikini issue. “Indian models do not have the perfect body to pose for a lingerie brand,” he said. “On top of that, they and their mothers throw tantrums at shoots and mothers keep asking questions about how much their daughter will be asked to expose. Exposing comes at a price and Indian models ask for exorbitant amounts for shoots.”

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