Inadequate sleep causes ill health

Inadequate sleep causes ill health

People who do not have adequate sleep tend to get more health problems. In an adult, the average sleep time is usually seven to eight hours and disturbed sleep is most unwelcome as it can have adverse effects on the functioning of various body systems particularly the heart and the brain.

Sleep in good quantity and quality is essential for physical, mental and emotional well being. It gives the desired rest and recharges the mind and body. Sleep has important homeostatic functions. Sleep and heart have a close relation both scientifically and emotionally

The 24 x 7 life style has relegated sleep to a secondary level of importance since humans have made a conscious decision to sacrifice sleep for completion of their tasks. The amount of sleep that a person needs to function in a normal manner depends on several factors, including age.

There are more than 70 different sleep disorders, which are generally classified into three categories: lack of sleep (insomnia), disturbed sleep (obstructive sleep apnea), and excessive sleep ( narcolepsy).

Chronic sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on heart, blood pressure and metabolic functions resulting in hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes and stomach related disorders like indigestion and hyperacidity. Chronic sleep deprivation also causes and/ or aggravates snoring which is a prominent symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Ensure adequate sleeping hours to be healthy.

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