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Ignoring pain causes more problems

According to Arvinder Singh, a US-based pain management expert, ignoring persistent pain in any part of the body can lead to serious problems. Chronic pain does not have to be an ongoing cycle of non-scientific band aid treatment. Unrelieved, undiagnosed pain leads to 5-D syndrome. These syndromes are dysfunction, disuse, disability, drug dependence and depression.

The Multi-Disciplinary Team Concept (MDTC) is quite effective in curtailing pain, thoigh it is seldom practiced. The MTDC concept envisages that chronic pain must be approached in a way similar to that of diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Since the team consists of physicians, psychologists and other paramedical staff, the physical condition can be diagnosed objectively. The inputs from other specialists help to plan the treatment properly.

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