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Herbal massage alleviates body pains

Herbal massage alleviates body pains

Massaging the body with a luke-warm herbal soother (known as Kizhi in Kerala Ayurveda) gives relief to the body from stress and strain.

Herbs, such as castor, calotropis, tamarind, coconut, lemon, lentils and drumstick leaves, are cooked in ayurvedic oils and packed into a muslin cloth bags (compressed boluses). The body gets an oil bath and the therapist dips the bags into lukewarm oil and massages the body with it.

The herbal massage relieves spasm and stiffness of muscles, enhances peripheral blood circulation, lubricates the joints, strengthens the spinal muscles, cleanses the channels of circulation and helps detoxify and cures ailments like arthritis, spondylitis and back pain.

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