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Healthy diet habits at office

Healthy diet habits at office

As people spend at least 6 to 10 hours working in office, it is necessary to have a healthy diet while at office.

Good breakfast

Most people eat more in office as they skip breakfast at home. A healthy breakfast gives enough energy to work in office. Skipping breakfast leads to an erratic life style.


Do not take more than two cups of coffee during office hours.

Take a lunch box

Make it a habit to carry a lunch box from home. Eat sparingly the home cooked food. You can also carry fruits and home-made cookies to munch.

Drink lots of water

Drink at least a litre of water during the working hours. If possible drink luke-warm water which flushes out toxins from our system, which if accumulated can lead to aches, pains and headaches.

Warm water also helps our digestive system work more efficiently, while keeping gastro and colon related diseases at bay. Warm water keeps our skin hydrated. Drinking enough water can combat skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and wrinkles.

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