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Health: Medications must be taken with water only

Health: Medications must be taken with water only

Medications should always be taken with water. Many people have the habit of taking medications with milk, coffee, fruit juice or even alcohol.

Studies have shown that medications taken with beverages such as milk, mineral water and juice can sometimes alter their effects. Milk contains the mineral calcium, which can bind with medications and prevent them from entering the bloodstream. milk and dairy products reduce the effectiveness of certain active pharmaceutical ingredients, for example in thyroid hormones, medications for osteoporosis and a number of antibiotics. Similarly medication taken with coffee, calcium-fortified juices and calcium-rich mineral water has the same effect. Medications should not be washed down with alcoholic beverages as can interact with certain active pharmaceutical ingredients.

However, medication can be had with grape juice, orange juice and apple juice as they do not interfere with the enzymes in the body that are responsible for breaking down many medicines.

However, the best way to make medications work effectively is to take it with water.

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