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Is Milk a healthy drink?

Is Milk a healthy drink?

Right from birth, humans are fed with milk from mother. Later, during the childhood years, milk from cows, buffaloes, and goats are given in addition to other foods. Milk is believed to be a wholesome food right from ancient ages.

However, the milk we get now from cows, buffaloes and goats seem to contain man- made chemicals. Though the doses of chemicals are not sufficient to cause any damage to the humans, a rethink on drinking too much of milk has to be done.

Scientists have revealed that a glass of milk contains a cocktail of up to 20 painkillers, antibiotics and growth hormones.Using a highly sensitive test, they found a host of chemicals used to treat illnesses in animals and people in samples of cow, goat and human breast milk.

The doses of drugs were far too small to have an effect on anyone drinking them, but the results highlight how man-made chemicals are now found throughout the food chain.

Their breakdown revealed that cow’s milk contained traces of anti-inflammatory drugs niflumic acid, mefenamic acid and ketoprofen commonly used as painkillers in animals and people. It also contained the hormone 17-beta-estradiol, a form of the sex hormone oestrogen.s

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