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Nothing is more paramount than HEALTH in the collective human mind. Every human being, irrespective of region, race, colour, religion and upbringing, is more concerned with health than ever before. In fact, this is a truly healthy sign.

Hereunder, I have given a few tips to be healthy, turning the word HEALTH into an acronym.

H : Habits

Habits have a great influence on health. Habit-forming activities like drinking, smoking, drug abuse, craving for food have their share of influence on the nature of one’s health. Any habit should be in moderation, never in excess.

E : Emotions

People with emotional disturbances are always prone to be ill at ease and invite ill health. Excessive emotions also affect hormonal activity and so, those who undergo deep anger or sorrow are likely to disturb their biological rhythm which causes health problems.

A : Attitude

One’s attitude has a bearing on his/her health. Normally, self-confident people are always healthy. Those with self-doubt and those who harbor a set of fobias and manias are likely to to encounter ill-health.

L : Life Style

Different life styles, ranging from lazy to workaholics, have a typical influence on health. If stress and strain has an adverse effect on health, even lack of a minimum level of stress and strain also affects health. Those who always eat out are at a higher risk of damaging their health.

T : Tolerance

Every human body has a certain tolerance limits or food intake, workouts, working hours, sleeping time and the environment. Each person has to calculate for himself to what extent he/she is exceeding the tolerance limits to maintain good health. All of us know what happens when we eat more or over-exercise or exposed to polluted environment.

H : Habitat

Where you live, how you live and the way you live has a direct bearing on your health. Unclean habitat or polluted environment around the house increases the possibility of ill health.

Much more on each of these aspects in my further articles.

Deen Kumar

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