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Genelia’s diet routine

Genelia’s diet routine

Genelia D’Souza eats every two hours so the need to snack doesn’t arise. She is a non-vegetarian. Her favourite is chicken. She eats fish five times a week. She eats chicken once a week and mutton once in a blue moon. She tries to avoid red meat.

Genelia begins her day with A glass of warm water.

Breakfast: Two egg whites with a slice of bread. Quite often she has a South Indian breakfast, idli for instance. Half an hour later, she takes a cup of coffee.

Two rotis, a vegetable, a fish/chicken/prawn dish. She follows this every half an hour to 45 minutes diet throughout the day. She is on this high protein diet and takes egg whites throughout the day.

Evening snack:
It is not so essential but she likes to have a grilled sandwich or poha once in a while.

She avoids carbs. She prefers to eat a tandoori chicken. Both non-vegetarian and vegetables are a must.

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