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Fashion unrest in full swing

Fashion unrest in full swing In Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker says, “It’s all a circus! Two hundred people, Page 6! This is my third marriage. How do you think it makes me look!”

The girls are making a statement that resembles Fashion Porn, reports the New York Metro. They’ve redefined the chaotic look. Those who watched the movie, confess they only watched the clothes. The movie’s Look Book has broken every rule in the book.

Designer Raakesh Agarvwal agrees, “There’s nothing vulgar about Fashion Porn, it’s a dirty word but it defines the fashion mood for extreme, bold dressing. Like Tom Ford’s latest advertisement. This is the rise of black fashion and being outrageous. It’s about sexy dressing, styled to the hilt breaking all rules. In the movie SATC, Sarah Jessica Parker epitomises the mood. It’s saluting women like Madonna, who is the godmother of Fashion Porn, she’s the lady who made conical corset popular.”

But, we’re curious, now how did fashion ever become porn? We asked India’s young designers, how they interpret fashion porn? Is it all about pink-carpet fashion and over-dressing? The look is stupendous — it’s an over-obsession with style, dressing and looking perfect.

Says designer Gaurav Gupta, “When I was studying in London, clothes, I realised, had sexual titillation. New age fashion had no rules. It had no trends. It was fashionable to be unfashionable. The LBD (Little Black Dress) has been re-invented. It’s not about vulgar clothes but wearing something sexually exciting.”

Sure, after all, that’s the definition of porn, something that excites. The buffet of expensive clothes, big hair, and killer stilettos is hard to resist. Says designer Khushali Kumar, “Style wise, everyone’s dressing more expensive, more funky and more futuristic. You’ll be wearing hot blue Manolos looking gorgeous, sexy, and maybe a bit impractical.”

So, how do you decipher the language of fashion? Is fashion without rules such a dirty word? Christina Binkley writes in The Wall Street Journal that women wear work attire that’s more liberal. Says designer Paras of Geisha Designs, “Fashion is about sensuality, but it becomes sexual, if there’s a Carrie Bradshaw around. We’re all fashion victims. There’s a certain vibrancy — we’re breaking away from Ally McBeal’s boring style.

Style is constantly about overhauling the self, exciting people around you with your fashion make-over strategy.”

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