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Fashion show in Ahmedabad

Fashion show in Ahmedabad The fashion show in Ahmedabad presented a rich blend of lovely collection designed by 29 talented and creative fashion graduates. These young students came up with fabulous collections ranging high on style quotient from very wearable to the most experimental ones. While some designers tried to address social issues through their work, some worked with various genres of music giving it a trendy and youthful edge.

This year creative themes like the Ragpicker’s Dream, ORU, Mahabrarata, Bermuda Triangle -The Missing Link, When Theist In Fashion Meet Hindu Gods, Eccentric Behaviour, Indian Spice, Visamo, Meet My Casanova and many more rocked the show.

The students also had creatively used woven, knits, rib, woollen blends, khadi, bamboo, cane, bhagalpuri silk, fused organdy, linen, leather, canvas foil print, rusted metal, casement and also wire, waste materials like plastic bottles, plastic glasses, poly bags to enhance the creativity of their themes and collection.

Models like Sandhya Shetty, Mridulla Chandershekar, Viveka Babajee, Kajal Jain, Pooja Chopra, Hufriya, Zoha Tapia, Sangita Chauhan and Anubhav Deshwal gracefully showcased this amazing collection. The show was well choreographed by Birender Hinggis.

Bhavana Mandhyan, Kanupriya Arora, Shweta Gupta and Swarashree Samanta were awarded for their superb collection. Once again, it was girl power that stole the evening as they were ahead of boys in winning the awards. And there’s a new journey that’s waiting for all of them.

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