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Fashion now gets brush strokes

Fashion now gets brush strokes A walk on the trendy side of town and you will see quirky pop art finding place on T-shirts and bags with a variety of art-inspired prints from Andy Warhol like images of Marilyn Monroe to Degas’ ballerinas.

In India, brush strokes, sketches and paint splashes in a kaleidoscopic palette were seen dominating the ramp at the recent fashion week. Manish Arora and Abhishek Gupta and Nandita Basu drew inspiration from quirky pop art, while Satya Paul’s recent collection reflects the paintings of cubist master Pablo Picasso, Belgian surrealist René Magritte and the Pop Art Movement of the 1950s.

“Designers all over are finding inspiration in art. Internationally, it’s more about bright colours, whereas closer home I feel it’s more about vintage art,” affirms designer Revati Borawake. She herself drew inspiration from artists like Monet and Tamara de
Lempicka for her recent art inspired collection.

Confirming the onset of the trend, designer Surya Tikekar says, “The entry of art into the world of fashion has caught on as a trend in the city in a big way. You can see Andy Warhol inspired pop art almost everywhere, especially since Manish Arora uses a similar quirky style.” Being a figurative artist himself, Surya Tikekar most of the times turns to art for ideas. “It shows in the colour palettes I use. Everyone is welcoming new ideas and that’s giving designers a lot of freedom,” says he.

While it’s haute couture, paintings on your clothes could do a lot more than make a fashion statement. Sharmilla Bhingarwala, choreographer and dance therapist, feels clubbing fashion and art is a great way to preserve traditional art forms.

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