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Eating sprouts is good for health

Eating sprouts is good for health

It is now certain that no prescription for health seems complete without a mention of sprouts which were originally a part of Chinese cuisine. Why are sprouts good for health?

The most important part is the multiplication of nutrients by the germination process itself. Sprouts in fact can be called little food factories, for in them are manufactured vitamins and enzymes which were not there to begin with. These food factories are come equipped with digestive powers as they develop enzymes which break down proteins into simpler forms of amino acids, fats into fatty acids and carbohydrates into sugars and starches, which can be digested by the body even without cooking.

Thus, sprouting benefits digestibility too and provide partially digested food. Grains – seeds, pulses and cereals are largely devoid of vitamin C. Sprouting increases vitamin C by nearly 60 per cent. One serving is enough to meet an adult’s daily need of 40 mg. One cup moong sprouts for instance, provide an impressive 70 mg of vitamin C – in comparison, 100 gms of orange provides 40 mg vitamin C.

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