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Drink Water to keep body bio-balance

Drink Water to keep body bio-balance

The human body is a complex organism that has to maintain its biological balance to keep the human being healthy. After the body starts growing from childhood, it attains a balanced structure by the end of youth period. The body does lots of activities and it is essential to keep the bio-balance.

The simplest way is to drink water or take fluids as often as possible. It is to be remembered that the body comprises of 80% liquids including blood. When you drink water or take fluids, it helps digestion of food, transporting nutrients to all the parts of the body and helps eject toxic waste material from the body. Moreover, since the body has to maintain a constant temperature of 37 C, the intake of fluids helps keep the heat balance of the body.

However, excessive drinking of water again poses the problem of washing away vitamins and other important nutrients from the body.

Drink two glasses of water early in the morning to facilitate the ejection of waste from the body. Do not drink more after eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. It will dilute the gastric juices. But between lunch and dinner, drink water or fruit juices regularly to keep the body bio balance.

Deen Kumar

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