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Dance away to stay fit

Dance away to stay fit

It is true. Dancing is the best way to stay fit. It works better than all other forms of staying fit. You can do movements like stretching, squatting, strength training and even yoga, while listening to some great music and swaying to the percussion beat.
Dance also relaxes the mind and helps to de-stress, besides giving a great body posture and maintaining equilibrium of mind and body. Dance helps to maintain flexibility, build muscular endurance and internal core strengthening.

Many people are getting more and more interested in learning the different dance forms, both Western and Indian. This development has a lot to do with dance being promoted nationally. The dances of film stars are definitely an inspiration, along with the influence of the TV media dance shows.
The perception towards dance has changed quite a lot these days. Now, dancing is a must for everybody to stay in the cool segment. Everybody wants to look good so there is an increased interest in dance.

There are various forms and styles of dancing. An aerobic dance class can go a long way in enhancing one’s fitness quotient. Rumba helps to build strength and enhances flexibility. Jive is good for cardio activity. So one should practice everything, mix everything and take benefits from all types of dance.

Many of the celebrities these days are now taking to dancing in a big way to brush up their skills. Besides having a good body posture, developing the right body language is important to them. Some of them go to dance classes to look graceful while posing for an artistic shape and to avoid looking gawky.
One must have fun while dancing as that is most important. Fitness should not be the reason to dance because after a point of time one may lose interest but when one has fun, it gets more interesting. Dance for the sake of dancing and enjoying.

Well, mix pleasure with exercise. Go and jump on the dance floor and dance away to glory, fitness will automatically follow.

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