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Climb Stairs to stay Fit

Climb Stairs to stay Fit

In view of the mounting pressures of work, many people complain that they are unable to devote much time for workouts or a visit to the gym for staying fit. The present day work schedules are such that most of the time is consumed in traveling to the work place. Even in office, people have less physical exertion and they are seated most of the time.

As a way out, those who have long working hours and have no time for exercises can use what is available in the office for a sort of workout. Stop using the lift and start climbing up or coming down the staircase. This will help the body get enough physical exercise to keep you fit.

Colin Boreham, a professor at the University College Dublin Institute for Sport and Health, has confirmed that using the stairs is a fairly good exercise. Climbing up or coming down the steps of a staircase is like doing exercise in short bursts.

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