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BIS Study:Mobile phones pose no threat to health

BIS Study:Mobile phones pose no threat to health

Those who worry that mobile phones and their transmission towers are health hazards can now relax following studies coordinated by the Berlin-based Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS).

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said more than 50 studies in the German Mobile Telecommunications Research Programme (DMF), conducted from 2002 to 2008, had found no evidence that mobile phones and transmission towers posed a health risk within the required limits for electromagnetic radiation.

Research focused on the functioning mechanisms of high frequency electromagnetic fields in mobile telephony, the fields’ effect on humans and animals, and the amount of electromagnetic radiation to which the public is exposed.

Several studies looked at possible effects on what is known as the blood-brain barrier, a kind of filter that prevents harmful substances in the blood from reaching neurons in the brain.

According to the BfS, the studies found no conclusive evidence that radiation from mobile telephony significantly weakened the blood-brain barrier.

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