Actor Akshay Kumar’s advice for fitness

Actor Akshay Kumar’s advice for fitness

Actor Akshay Kumar is very fit and has one of the best bodies in Bollywood. He says that martial arts is one of the few things that combines mental and physical health and he loves this form of fitness to keep up his energy and vitality.

He says that martial arts helps combat stress too. He adds that mixing up your fitness routine is very important so that you don’t get bored. Yoga and martial arts is very important for marrying internal balance with physical fitness.

Akshay Kumar says, “Agility and athleticism are more important than building huge muscles. Any obsession with muscle-building is really unhealthy; it may lead to a lot of physical wear and tear. And unless you want to be a wrestler, all that bulk does not look too great either. Being lean and fit, I believe, is more graceful. It works for me, at least.”

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