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Ram Gopal Varma – speaks about his new film Raksha

The maverick director speaks about his new film Raksha

The maverick director speaks about his new film Raksha

Ram Gopal Varma is acknowledged by one and all, including his critics, that he is a force to reckon with in Indian Cinema. It is true that with the advent of RGV, the films are made in India changed substantially. New themes, totally different from routine moulds, are emerging in the film industry. Varma is in Hyderabad to promote his film Raksha.
Excerpts from his interview
On Raksha
Long time ago, I was fascinated by the novel Tulasidalam written by Yendamuri Veerendranath. Then there was a serial telecast on India TV channel on the theme of witch-craft and black magic.
Inspired by these stories I made Phoonk in Hindi which is now a big hit at the box office. Though the story is similar, Raksha in Telugu has a different screenplay. It deals with Jagapathi Babu an atheist and rationalist encountering the phenomenon of black magic. He undergoes lot of mental tension when doctors are unable to give any reasonable explanation.
On remaking Phoonk in Telugu
In fact Vamsikrishna and I worked together on the story of Phoonk. Both of us made two different screenplays. My version turned into Phoonk and Raksha is based on the screenplay of Vamsikrishna.
I feel his version is better than mine.

On new director Vamsikrishna
He came to as a writer. As we are working together on the script, I was impressed by his sincerity and commitment. Actually I do not know anything about his background. I asked him to direct the Telugu version.
After seeing Raksha, I am truly proud to have introduced Vamsikrishna as a director. He will certainly go places.
On Jagapathi Babu
He always has immense talent. In all his films one can feel the intensity of his performance. Over the years he has matured as an actor. The finest examples are Homam and now Raksha. In both the films, he has given tremendous performance.
On his next projects
We are planning a sequel to Phoonk. The work is going on. The other films I am producing are Shabri and Zabardast. The bilingual film Naan Aval Adhu starring Madhavan is being directed by Kona Venkat.

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