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Oye Shamili Interview

Baby Shamili Interview

Baby Shamili Interview

Oye Shamili Interview

Child artiste Shamili has made her debut as heroine in the film “Oye” which has been directed by Anand Ranga. This movie is now getting the reputation of a feel-good film and the ease with which Shamili performed is being appreciated by one and all.

On the promos of “Oye”

The producers wanted me to be the surprise package of the film. They did not want to use me in the promos because I am acting as a heroine for the first time.

On transforming from child artiste to heroine

I used to be very busy as a child artiste. But my dad and mom insisted on my education. So I took a break as child artiste and completed my education.

I did my graduation in Visual Communications and wanted to do Masters in Film Making from a university abroad. Meanwhile, I got the opportunity to act in “Oye”.

On Film career

I am not signing any film now and will complete Masters in Film Making from Singapore University. For me education is more important.

But I will not be away for long from my film career. The course in Masters is only for nine months and I will have an opportunity to know more about film making.

On the role in “Oye”

The role I played in the film is temperamentally opposite to my actual nature and attitude. I am always joking and laughing a lot with my friends and family members. I do not sit at a corner with a moody face or reading something. I am basically an outgoing personality. But the role I played is serious one and is compatible with the basic theme of the film.

On the roles in future

If the story is good and my character there is well developed then I will accept the role. Mostly the roles that are being created in many Telugu films now are that of modern youth who dress stylishly. I may not accept any role that may require exposing or skin show.

Baby Shamili interview

Baby Shamili interview

On roles as child artiste

I acted in many films as child artiste and I remember my role in the film “Jagadeka Veerudu-Athiloka Sundari. On the sets Chiranjeevi sir and Sridevi aunty used to play with me and giving me chocolates. Moreover, in most films I acted used have pet animals. I liked the films I acted as a child artiste.

On facing the camera again

Though I am not a stranger to camera and shooting, I did become slightly nervous for my first take as heroine in “Oye”. It was not fear or anything like that but I was just apprehensive. After the first day of shooting I got used to the work and concentrated on my performance.

On her favourite actors

I do not have a list of favourite actors. But I am a great fan of Shah Rukh Khan. His photos are all over my room decorating the walls. After my sister Shalini got married to Ajit, they took me one day to Shah Rukh and I was thrilled to meet him. He recognized me and told me that he has seen some films where I performed as a child artiste. Meeting Shah Rukh is the most memorable moment in my life.
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