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Mirapakaay Movie Producer Ramesh Puppala Exclusive Interview

Ramesh Puppala Exclusive Interview

Brahma Mahesh: Hello Ramesh garu. Congratulations on release of your first movie production Mirapakaay.

Ramesh Puppala: Thank You.

Brahma Mahesh: Sir, We want to know about your back ground and how did you venture into film production?

Ramesh Puppala: Basically I am a business man and I am very much interested in films. I got best actor as well as best director for my various stage dramas during my academics in Govt. Jr college, Ananthapur, Mangamma Degree College – Ongole, and G.S.K.M Law college Rajahmundry. My friend Venkat inspired me to enter into the film making.

Brahma Mahesh: Your first production is with ‘Mass Maharaja’ Ravi Teja who is one of the most successful and popular stars in Telugu Film Industry. His following in mass is immense. How do you feel about working with Ravi teja?

Ramesh Puppala: Fantastic. In one sentence I can say “Ravi is producers Hero”. He is so

Ramesh Puppala Exclusive Interview

energetic and hardworking at locations and makes technicians and co-artists so comfortable for shooting.

Brahma Mahesh: Can you please tell us about your heroines?

Ramesh Puppala: Richa and Deeksha both are beautiful and hardworking. I am very much comfortable to work with them.

Brahma Mahesh: How was it working with Harish Shankar?

Ramesh Puppala: Very Nice and He is very hardworking. We can see all his efforts in the film “Mirapakaay”.

Brahma Mahesh: Mirapakaay music is already out and is super hit. Songs like Silakaa. Dhinaku Dhin are heard every nook and corner in Andhra Pradesh. How are you relishing the musical success of the film? Do you think success of music is precursor to the success of the film?

Ramesh Puppala: Yes I am very Happy about music. I would like to thank Thaman for giving a wonderful music. Definitely it will help in the success of the movie.

Brahma Mahesh: What is Mirapakaay all about? What do you think can Ravi teja fans expect from Mirapakaay?

Ramesh Puppala: It is out and out commercial family entertainer and every one can watch the movie with entire family. Like the

Ramesh Puppala Exclusive Interview

title film is packed with all spicy elements expected by his fans & it is surely a big New Year gift to their fans presented by director Harish Shankar.

Brahma Mahesh: These days budget has become a very hot topic in the Industry. Have you completed the film under the planned budget and days?

Ramesh Puppala: Yes. I would like to thank my executive producer Mr. Raja Raveendar for completing the film on time and within budget.

Brahma Mahesh: Any memories that you would like to share with us related to Mirapakaay?

Ramesh Puppala: One action scene which I would like to mention.This is a car jumping scene where car was jumping towards Ravi

Ramesh Puppala Exclusive Interview

Teja and the car came very close to Ravi Teja. He was so confident that he didn’t move from there and you should only see the scene on the screen. Entire unit was tensed about the scene and was worried if Ravi would be in danger Thanks to god that nothing went wrong throughout the movie and had a happy completion of shooting.

Brahma Mahesh: What are your future projects?

Ramesh Puppala: Not yet finalized, but some projects are in the discussion mode which will be revealed soon and I hope to produce the good entertaining films in future.

Brahma Mahesh: All the best for the release of Mirapakaya and we wish you and your team a grand success.

by Brahma Mahesh

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