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I will never do that for fun – Sajid Khan

I will never do that for fun - Sajid KhanSajid Khan, brother of Farah Khan and popular TV anchor, shot into fame when his debut directorial venture Hey Baby turned into a top grosser at the box office. He is now busy with a new chat show on TV and his second film Houseful.

On his present work
My film Houseful is starting only in January 2009 and I am done with its final draft of scripting. So I had sufficient time to indulge into television.
Also I did not have to shoot for the show on a weekly basis. Though it would be aired weekly, I finished shooting for it in one schedule where we shot 13 episodes over 12 days. It’s a 52 episode show and spread over four seasons each of 13 episodes. I have already completed shooting for the first season.

On his new TV chat show
My show will be segmented. While we were creatively discussing the show, we had come up with distinct sections like ‘How well do you know yourself’ and ‘cross-questioning’. Then there’s a ‘jokes section’ where the celebrities come up with a joke and I assess their humour level. There’s also a ‘scandal session’ where I ask them some scandalous question. They sing, they mouth dialogues and we also review the evolution of their fashion sense over the years. If you have seen my earlier shows, you will notice lot of its elements and effect has rubbed on to this one.

Like, we have a segment for the ‘ham scene’ which was a cult hit with my first show Kehne Mein Kya Harz Hai . Here we show the ham scenes to those particular actors who have actually enacted them in films. I showed Riteish Deshmukh a scene from Out of Control and he literally wanted to hide behind the sofa. I showed Karan Johar and Farah Khan how badly they had acted in Home Delivery and Om Shanti Om and had them in splits. There’s a scene from one of Sanjay Dutt’s films from the early 80s called Mera Faisla where he dances all dressed up as a woman. Anil Kapoor was really embarrassed when I showed him a song from his film Andaz that goes as ‘Khada Hai Khada Hai’ . And Akshay Kumar just wanted to kill me when I showed him a scene from his second film Dancer .

On gift hampers
In fact I have two sections of gifts. The first is the fun session where I have gifted Viveik Oberoi a book on ‘How to win friends and influence people’, Anil Kapoor a book on ‘The fountain of youth’ and distributed diapers to Farah for her babies. Then there are real gifts like laptops and hi-fi music systems.

On his guests in the show
I will never do that for fun. When I call celebrities on my show, it’s like inviting friends to home for dinner. And you never rub your friends the wrong way. And my show is not like some Janta Ki Adalat where you get into intense interrogation or are on a mission to change-the-world.

Riteish Deshmukh was quite upset when I asked him about his sexuality. That’s the first episode of the season and you should watch it to catch his reaction.

Anil Kapoor gave a whacky answer. When I asked him if he had a gay relationship with Jackie Shroff in the 80s, he replied that their relationship still exists today and they enjoy their moments in Goa now.

Ranbir’s was the easiest episode to shoot. He was sweet and very sporting.

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