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Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar Exclusive interview

Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar Exclusiveinterview

Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar has completed 10 years of his journey as a lyric writer in Telugu Film Industry. He is a lyric writer who can write mass, romantic and melodious songs alike. His songs like Ippatikinkaa Naa Vayasu from Pokiri, Bommanu geesthe from Bommarillu, Enduke Ramanamma from Bumper Offer are identified by class and mass alike. He had a fantastic 2010 with Golimaar, Manasaara and Don Seenu and starting 2011 with releases of Mirapakaay, Wanted and Vasthaadu Naa Raju. I spoke to him to know about his journey of the last decade and his plans for the future.

Bhaskarabhatla Garu, You have written excellent songs for Don Seenu, Bava, Manasaara, Golimaar in 2010 and today Mirapakaay is releasing. Wanted and Vastaadu Naa Raju are releasing. How do you think has 2010 happened? What are your expectations from 2011?

Bhaskarabhatla: I have completed 10 years in film Industry in 2010.So my plan was to write with new expressions and worked hard. The result was songs in Manasara, Golimaar etc., where I have written in different dimension. The result of which is reflecting on my career now. My objective this year is to give novel thoughts and reach all types of audience.

Sir, you told us that you have completed 10 years in films last year. Want to know how and when did your journey in film industry begin?

Bhaskarabhatla: I’m from Rajahmundry and I wanted to make career in films from my child hood. Cinema Posters used to attract me and I was always drawn towards films. I completed my BA in Special Telugu and worked as journalist in EENADU cinema for 10 years. I started my career in 2000 with Goppinti Alludu. EVV Satyanarayana gave me the first break. After that my biggest break came in terms of Itlu Sravani Subramanyam. Ramasakkani Bangaaru bomma is my first hit and gave me life.

Though you have started your career with Goppinti Alludu, we got to know of Bhaskarabhatla big time only after Idiot. We have seen so many chartbusters and blockbusters in combination of Puri Jagannath, Bhaskarabhatla and Chakri after Idiot. What is the magic in this combination?

Bhaskarabhatla: Puri Jagannath is my most favorite person and director. He has made me star writer. The way he expresses and extracts work is unique. He knows the pulse of the youth and knows what appeals the youth. He is the most non interfering person and gives enough space so that the writer delivers his best. Idiot is the biggest hit for all three of us. I have written for 15 films for Jagan with and without Chakri. I have worked for 65 films with Chakri. Jagan and Chakri are two best friends I have in the film Industry.

Pokiri should be said as one of the turning point in your career. The songs like Devuda, Choododhantunna and Ippatikinkaa are chartbusters. In fact I should talk about ippitikinkaa at this point. Though this is an item song, the song is liked by all classes and this is termed as sensual item song. Can you share the experience of writing this song with us?

Bhaskarabhatla: Puri Jagan when telling me about this song told me to do a song which can appeal even ladies. I just thought about pallavi in front of Jagan itself and wrote more about the unlimited desires of woman. I never thought this song will be such a big hit thought Jagan kept telling me that this song will break all the records. The song has played a major role in the success of the film and I’m happy to be part of an Industry hit. It is a memorable experience for me.

You can write songs of various genres alike. Whether it is ‘Talaivaa’ from Bujjigaadu or ‘Bommanu geesthe’ from Bommarillu your pens flows smoothly. A stranger may not believe that both the songs are written by you. How do you make it happen? How do you write all genres so smoothly?

Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar Exclusiveinterview

Bhaskarabhatla: When I started off I wrote mass songs as those songs are easy to get identified with people. I love writing mass songs. But I thought it is important to write songs of all genres for a long standing career and I should say the turn came with Bommarillu where I wrote ‘Bommanu geesthe’. ‘Mila Mila’ from Super,’ Gaalilo thelinattlundhi’ from Jalsa, ‘Navvavayya babu’ from Pedababu and ‘Nee Kallaloki’ from Tulasi have established me as a writer of melodious songs. The objective was to write songs of all genres and not get stuck in one style and one genre. I’m glad that people call me today to write songs of all genres.

Sir, Along with Jagan and Chakri you have Ravi Teja who has also grown along with you. You have written your best and highest songs for Ravi Teja. How is it working with him?

Bhaskarabhatla: It’s always a pleasure to work with Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja means energy and he flatters anyone and everyone with his energy. When I have to write ferocious song, I always remember him and song flows automatically. The comfort may be because my mentality is also like his mentality. We both worked in almost 17-18 films and our combination worked well.

Your song ‘Krishnanagare Mama’ from Neninthe is one of the beautiful song and you have written the difficulties and hurdles faced by a film aspirant very well. How did he happen? Have you remembered the difficulties/hurdles you have faced when writing this song?

Bhaskarabhatla: Anyone who comes here have to cross Krishna nagar and come here. So I have seen people who have faced enough hurdles and hence wrote the song. Another idea behind writing this song is to highlight the discrimination the society metes out to the film industry people. Let me tell you my own experience which happened just before the song. I was looking to shift my house and I couldn’t get a house for myself just because I am from film Industry. I thought if this is an ordeal of a famous lyric writer, what could be the situation of an ordinary man? My pain was that people watch movies, enjoy movies and listen to songs all the time. Movies are the biggest passion for the entire state but they think that the people who work for movies are bad. How can people be bad just because they work for movies? That’s why I wrote the line the last if you remember- Sardhaake Meerantha maa cinemale choostharandi…Ayina memante china choopulendi. I wrote the line with that intention only.

Mirapakaay is releasing today and the songs written by you in the film are chartbusters. Silakaa and Vaishali are driving people crazy. Harish Shankar in his interview has full credit to you. How is it working in Mirapakaayand how is it working with Harish Shankar?

Bhaskarabhatla: I knew Harish Shankar for long time when he was working as an associate for ‘Veede’ and we used to meet in Puri Jagan’s office. He used to call me daily after hearing ‘Gaalilo thelinattundhe’ from Jalsa and told me that whenever he directs his 2nd movie, he will work with me. He came to me with two tunes and wanted a song with a beat as strong as Jalsa song. Thus came Silakaa. I have as much comfort as I have with Puri Jagan with Harish too. He has an excellent sense of judgment and he works in comfort with the writer. The words like Face book lo meeting pettale…Twitter lo chatting pettale are very trendy and worked well. Vaishali is my personal favorite and I wanted to do it. He told me that the song should not just be a song between a girl and a boy but also universally applicable. That’s why I wrote words like ‘Unnadhokate kadhaa yedhava zindagi…Nanu yedipinchake maati maatiki’’ Nalugurilo kalavandhe baruvegaa brathukantha…girigeesi koochunte vadhileyraaa janamanthaa’ which are bit generic and philosophical. Gave a bit different definition in the line’ Kopam lo ammaye andhange untundhani mee chevilo vaadevado cabbage pettade’ to make it attractive. I would give 100% credit to Harish Shankar who has a very good vision which helped me write my songs. He is extremely hyper and ensures that you deliver the best.

Music of ‘Wanted’ that you have written as a single card have released and are being praised by all. The song ‘Arakilo Pogaru’ is an instant hit. How is it working in Wanted and how is it working with BVS Ravi?

Bhaskarabhatla: Ravi and I know each other from Satyam days and we are very good friends. The fact that he is also a writer helped me very well and my good friend chakri is the music director of the movie. We did music sittings of the movie in Khandala and four out of five tunes (Arakilo, Cheppana, Yevo picchi veshaalu and Naalo nenu) are Okayed in first sitting only. Gopichand was little apprehensive about Arakilo pagaru…Arakilo Balupu but when he heard the final version he got convinced and this is one of the best songs I wrote to establish hero image. The idea was to give a novel title to the song and the song worked very well. I always love to touch little bit of philosophy in my songs and I add few lines in this song too. Yevo Picchi veshalu is my favorite song lyrically in this album. Ka guninthaalu marchipoyaanu le expression is very novel and tells that the guy has forgotten what he has learnt in childhood, which is unlikely otherwise after seeing the girl. I wanted to write a melodious song as good as ‘Gundello edho sadi’ and I wrote Cheppanaa. This is a very melodious song. Dil mera dhak dhak is a fast paced song and I wrote expression like Navvullo 7 o clock blade laaga unnave, pencil naa gundenu chekkesthunnave which is new. Then comes A for angel for which I worked very hard. I wrote 8 pallavis and 16 charanams. Gopichand wanted stylish song. If you see this song I used Aaaaa eeee oooo in one charanam and one two three in another charanam while used a for angel in pallavi. Wanted is one of my favorite album and the album gave me 100% job satisfaction. I should say Chakri gave superb tunes for the album and team work is giving results.

Which song according to you has been a difficult one for you in your career?

Bhaskarabhatla: I have hardly felt difficult with any song. Most of the songs are Okayed in first sitting only. I do a lot of home work before putting pen on paper and that’s why I think my songs are generally Okayed in first sitting.

Sir, you have worked for more than 125 films in your career. Which album has given you 100% satisfaction?

Bhaskarabhatla: Films like Pokiri, Nacchavule gave me satisfaction. Recently Paravaaledhu in Manasaara gave me satisfaction. This song is my personal favorite.

Who is your favorite in your generation and your earlier generation lyric writers?

Bhaskarabhatla: My Favorite in this generation is Seetha Rama Sastry Gary. I’m crazy about him and write text of his songs and read it everyday. Veturi garu has lot of influence on me. His influence can be seen in coining that I do in my songs. I wrote in one of the item song- Naa kuluke Anasthesia.Naa venake Samasthaasia. Such coining are thanks to influence of Veturi garu on me.

What would be your advice to aspiring lyric writers?

Bhaskarabhatla: My advice would be to work hard and give as much input as you can. You should read a lot and learn from the seniors. The writers from earlier generation have done enough experiments with words and we should learn and continue the same.

Do you have any plans to direct a movie?

Bhaskarabhatla: I don’t have any idea to turn as a director as of now. I want to work hard and write different songs. I think I have just started writing differently. I want to continue this for at least next 10-15 years.

What is your aim as a lyric writer?

I want my songs to be heard everywhere. I want to write songs that are liked by all and understood by all. I want to publish at least one poetry book every year. I am writing poetry in my blog which is posted at http://www.bhaskarabhatlalyrics.blogspot.com.

Thanks a lot Sir. I’m sure your hard work in 2010 will give your good results in 2011 and beyond. I’m sure you will be blessed with all success by Goddess Saraswathi.
Thanks a lot.

by Brahma Mahesh
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