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After directing films like “Dina” and “Ramana” in Tamil, AR Murugadas made “Stalin” in Telugu with Chiranjeevi. Then came “Ghajini” which propelled him into stardom. The Hindi “Ghajini” with Aamir Khan broke all box-office records by collecting more than Rs 200 Cr.

On being the director of the biggest box-office hit

The director alone cannot take the entire credit for the success of the film. It is the combined efforts of the entire cast and crew that makes a film successful. I am thankful to Allu Aravind for trusting me and taking me to Bollywood to remake “Ghajini” in Hindi with Aamir Khan.
On Tollywood and Bollywood

In Tollywood film makers give lot of importance to creativity and innovation. Quite often, we look for missing links while shooting. In Bollywood, they give importance to perfect planning. The entire schedule of shooting will be on paper including the timings.
On directing just 5 films in 9 years
I am not in a hurry to make as many films as possible. I firmly believe in quality and not quantity. Once I prepare the script and screenplay, I wait for the right casting and also the right technicians. I will wait until the appropriate cameraman or editor is available.

I take more time to discuss the story because cinema is nothing but the art of good story telling. I always try to bring in a new way of story narration and strive for innovation. I rewrite the story many times until I know that there is something new in the story. That is why the films I make take a longer time. But the results justify my efforts.

On future projects

I narrated a story to Shah Rukh Khan and he liked it. As he is busy with two other films, my project with SRK will start sometime in 2010. Meanwhile, I am planning a bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu and the details will be announced soon.

There is also an agreement with Star Fox where in two limited budget films will be made. Though I do not direct those films, I have to oversee the entire making of those films. Two films per year will be made.

On Tollywood stars

I like Mahesh Babu’s style of acting. I want to make a film with him as hero. Similarly I also like NTR Jr, Allu Arjun and Ram Charan Tej. Some day I will make films with each of them.

On his Goals

I want to make a film which will be released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and I want that film to become a sensational hit. I also have plans to make an international film with Hollywood producers.

My goal is to show the strength and power of Indian cinema at the Oscar Awards level.

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