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Abhinaya is an actress with a difference, She is physically challenged from childhood and she can’t speak and hear. After an ear implant she is able to hear the sounds. In spite of these handicaps, she never got depressed or dejected and went on with life like any other normal person.

On her career

Though I have this deficiency of speech and hearing, I went about living my life on my terms. I did modeling in Hyderabad and acted in a few Ad films. Some advertising people took my photographs and director Samudarakani chanced to see those and invited me to act in his Tamil film “Nadodigal”.

On the film “Nadodigal”

I played one of the seven principal roles in the film. All of us help the hero realize his love with the daughter of an ex-MP. This film is still running with packed houses. Now, “Nadodigal” is being remade in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada.

On her acting

Though I cannot speak, I closely followed the director’s instructions and my lip movements were always in sync with the words of the dialogue.

Most of my shots were Okayed in the first take itself. My father Anand is a former Air Force personnel and he acted in more than 50 films. I think I have inherited my father’s genes.

On future plans

I have been selected to act in the film “Aiyrathi Oruvan” directed by Selva Raghavan. I am also acting in a film being made by Sashi, who won an award at the Ahmedabad International Film Festival. Director Samudarakani also signed me up for his next film. I hope to continue my film career.

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