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Sikander Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

The Film Sikander is a gruesome reminder of how innocent children are ruthlessly sucked into (More...)


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Anjaan’s Teaser Unveil On 5th July

Anjaan’s Teaser Unveil On 5th July (More...)

Sikandar Movie Photo Gallery

Sikandar Movie Photo Gallery, Sikandar hindi movie stills, Sikandar movie images (More...)

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Sikandar Movie Audio - mp3 songs Sikandar Movie Trailer Sikandar movieTrailer 2 (More...)

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Director Piyush Jha has come out with a sensitive story cleverly mixing the human angle with thriller elements. He has succeeded in telling an adult story through adolescents. Madhavan, Arunoday Singh, Parzan Dastur and Ayesha Kapoor plus the beautiful cinematography showcasing the splendor of Kashmir.