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Ru-Ba-Ru Movie Review

Ru-Ba-Ru – Review – a live-in kissing love story that gets pissed off

The Cast and Crew Also known as (AKA) / Was earlier titled Earlier Titled as: Zara Zara Banner : (More...)


Ru-Ba-Ru Movie Trailer Coming Soon...

Ru-Ba-Ru Movie Photo Gallery

Ru-Ba-Ru Photo Gallery Coming Soon...

Ru-Ba-Ru News

Arjun Bali’s Ru-Ba-Ru releasing on September 12

Well known Ad film maker Arjun Bali is making his debut as director with the film Ru-Ba-Ru with Randeep (More...)
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Ru-Ba-Ru is a blatant copy of the Hollywood film If Only (2004) starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls, written by Christina Welsh and directed by Gil Junger.