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Who are Cowards-Terrorists or Govt?

Who are Cowards-Terrorists or Govt?

Whenever any bomb blast happens Govt officials and top politicians come out in open and in their media briefings sing the same tune that the country will not tolerate terrorism and they will be taught a fitting lesson. To the top of it they say country will not be cowed down by terrorists’ ‘Cowardly’ act. When people hear such statements they can not but laugh at the lack of knowledge of the politicians.

Many wonder how come terrorists succeeding in blasting bombs at regular intensity every now and then can be called cowards? Many feel they are not cowards as they are ready to die for the cause they believe whether good or bad. The moment they get orders without any second thoughts they become suicide bombers to carry out blasts.

People are furious and they are saying that it is not terrorists who are cowards but it is our own leaders and Govt who are cowards since they lack the will to act decisively against terror groups for the fear of losing votes.

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