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VVS Launches “Give Way To Ambulance” Campaign

VVS Launches “Give Way To Ambulance” Campaign

Hyderabad, Oct 6 (INN): With an aim to create awareness among the people on giving way to ambulances on busy roads, the Recon Face, a specialty medicare unit involved in managing facial trauma in accident victims, launched a unique Campaign “Give Way To Ambulance”.

The posters and stickers of the campaign were released by cricketer VVS Laxman and Amit Garg, ACP (Traffic) at a programme at Somajiguda Press Club here on Sunday. Amit Garg Stuck the first sticker on Laxman’s car to mark the launch of the campaign.

“A simple gesture of getting away from the middle of the road to the sides and allowing the ambulance cruise along the median of the road probably will delay our work by few minutes but can save a precious life”, said Dr Vivek Vardhan Reddy, Director, Recon Face. Additional Commissioner of Hyderabad city Traffic Police, Amit garg has pledged complete support in spreading this message at all the major junctions of the city.

A Word Health Organisation (WHO) study report says that by 2020, road crashes World account for 5.46 lakh deaths annually in India and though India accounts for just one percent of the total vehicles in the world, are about six percent of the total global Road Traffic Accidental (RTA) deaths. Deaths cue to other medical emergencies such as a stroke, cardiac arrests, natural calamities and terrorist attacks also mounting in India. A majority of these deaths could be averted if there was timely medical intervention. Difficulty in negotiation the way amid unrelenting traffic has been one of the most common reasons for failing to access timely medicare. A simple gesture of getting off the road to give way to an ambulance just for a moment can save one life.

A Team recon Face Study showed that chaotic traffic and unresponsive drivers are the biggest hurdles for ambulances. To create awareness about the need to give way to ambulances, the Recon Face has launched an awareness campaign. The aim of the campaign is to underscore the need to understand the importance of the Golden Hour in enhancing the survival chances of the patient. (INN)

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