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uttara yoga Power Opening page people attending

uttara yoga Power Opening page people attending

Uttara Sharma – A happy yogi who will never miss an opportunity to make her students’ day brighter through teaching!

Uttara Sharma is a qualified power yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over 7 years. She has worked for hours to master even a single pose. The process has enabled her to observe the anatomy, alignment, philosophy and little details necessary to explain about it to her students and thus give them a great yoga experience while continuing to fuel her passion for yoga. As a yoga teacher, she is known for her intense programmes and her peppy spirit. Her programmes are designed with some modifications that allow participants to feel safe and also increase core strength and improve flexibility. Also a dietician and nutrition specialist, Uttara also offers healthy diet plans to stay away from fat and maintain the healthy balance in the body.

Competent in various forms of yoga and Pilates, Uttara is an experienced yoga professional specialising in weight loss and stress management. She has worked with some of the most respected yoga instructors and experts worldwide. Besides, she has also attended several workshops in Hong Kong and New Jersey. She has also conducted successful yoga training at Yoga retreat in Los Angeles.

We live in times where stressful work conditions and ever increasing fast food culture dominate and has had a toll on people’s health. So it’s not just enough if you are in a stellar shape. One should also focus on building a strong immune system as well. In addition to helping people in knocking out extra pounds, Uttara lays emphasis on improving overall health – physically and mentally as well

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