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USA disturbed over JuD chief’s release in Pak

USA disturbed over JuD chief’s release in Pak

USA disturbed over JuD chief’s release in Pak

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) had been released from house arrest by the Pakistan government presumambly on a court order which picked technical holes in the case.

Saeed was placed under house arrest in Pakistanin the wake of Mumbai 26/11 terror attack. Evidence of his involvement meticulously gathered by Mumbai ATS and through the confession of Kasab, the lone survivor of the attack, had been supplied to Pakistan authorities.

Saeed and other top JuD leaders were detained in December last year after the UN Security Council designated his group as a front organistaion for the banned Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT), which is widely believed to be behind the Mumbai attacks.

According to sources in Washington, the Obama administration is said to be “disturbed” by the release of JuD chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. The special American envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Holbrooke, expressed reservations over the release of Saeed..

The Indian Government expressed deep disappointment at Saeed’s release, saying the move raised serious doubts over Pakistan’s sincerity in acting with determination against terrorist groups and individuals operating from its territory and against India.

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