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Trouble visits Brother Anil Kumar

Trouble visits Brother Anil Kumar

Brother Anil Kumar, the son-in-law of Late Y.S.Rajasekhar reddy, recently was summoned by the Khammam second additional junior civil court. He has been accused of allegedly manipulating the voters with the help of his religious preaching.

During the 2009 elections, Brother Anil Kumar was participating in a prayer in a small church at Kanigiri,a rural mandalam in Khammam. There, during the prayer, he had distributed money to the people who had come to people who had come to attend the prayer. The news spread like fire that he was distributing money with the intention to manipulate the voters for the election.

Following this incident and the various accusations that it had raised, a complaint was filed by the Khamman rural police against Brother Anil Kumar and three other people. The complaint accused him of manipulating the voters under the guise of imparting religious lessons. Later, he was summoned to appear before the court but he was unavailable at the address at which the orders were sent.

This is the second time that the court has issued summons against Brother Anil Kumar and this time it is the police which took the responsibility of handing the summon orders to him. He has been summoned by judge A. Sunitha Rani to appear in the court on 14th February.

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