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Tirupati Pushes AP Top In Tourism

Tirupati Pushes AP Top In Tourism

Tourism of Andhra Pradesh is soaring high. As per tourist statistics of Government, a massive tourist traffic has recorded in Tirupati taking the state high in tourist arena.

The number of domestic tourist visits to the state from elsewhere in country was 15 crore 58 lakh in 2010. State’s lucky-charm Tirupati took lion’s share in the credit. The pilgrim centre of Lord Venkateshwara headed the list of desi tourist centres. It beat Taj Mahal, Ajantha and Ellora in attracting the visitors.

Other states among the top ten were successively Uttar Pradesh (14.48 crore), Tamil Nadu (11.16 crore), Maharashtra (4.85 crore), Karnataka (38.2), Madhya Pradesh (3.81 crore), Uttarakhand (3.02 crore), Rajasthan (2.55 crore), West Bengal (2.11crore) and Gujarat (1.89crore).

Interestingly the contribution of all the top ten states put together was about 85.5% to the total number of domestic tourist visits during 2010, from which 21% share was of our state.

Coming to number of foreign tourist arrivals, it impressively grew 24.2% in 2010 with 1.79 crore visits over 1.44 in 2009. Maharashtra topped the state-wise list.

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