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The first death case of Swine flu in India

The first death case of Swine flu in India

The first death case of Swine flu in India

Sadly, an innocent 14 year old girl Riya Shake becomes the first victim of the Swine flu case in India. Initially, she was admitted in a private hospital in Pune complaining of normal cold and fever, and got relief with the treatment. But later when she has developed further complications and admitted in ICU of the same hospital, and being treated for the dreaded disease. But, unfortunately the girl couldn’t respond to the treatment and took her last breathe on Monday.

Riya Shake was very active till she went to US with her parents. But, when she returned home she developed the symptoms of the Swine flu disease. Unfortunately, neither her parents nor the doctors who treated her were failed to notice the symptoms of the epidemic, resulting into her death.

Surprisingly, even the doctors and the nurses who attends her for treatment was also affected by the disease. Now, all of them were taking treatment in the same hospital. As a preventive measure, Maharashtra Government has declared a three day holiday to all the schools in Pune City, as there are 106 more Swine flu patients traced in the city.

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