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State Civil Services to be inducted into IAS

State Civil Services to be inducted into IAS

The Government of India has proposed special examinations to induct young officers recruited through the State Civil Services into the elite Indian Administrative Service (IAS).
Faced with a shortfall of at least 560 IAS officers across India, a proposal for the UPSC to hold “limited” competitive examinations to allow young officers serving in the states to join the IAS is under active consideration of the Prime Minister’s Office.
A similar move to make up the acute shortfall of IPS officers through a “limited competitive examination” for young officers in Central Police Organisations (CPOs), Central Paramilitary Forces (CPFs) and state police forces had been firmed up by the Union ministry for home affairs (MHA) in March this year. The proposal had been struck down by the UPSC, prompting the home ministry to approach the PMO to overrule the UPSC’s decision.

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