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Srikalahasti Rajagopuram collapses

Srikalahasti Rajagopuram collapses

The entire ‘Rajagopuram’ of the 500-year-old Srikalahasti temple, popularly known as ‘Dakshina Kaasi’, in Chittoor district collapsed on Wednesday night. There were no human casualties, but at least 100 monkeys living on the temple premises perished . Locals and experts attributed the collapse to unbridled drilling for borewells in the area.

Cracks on the 136-ft gopuram were noticed a week back. Thirtysix families living in the vicinity were evacuated on Tuesday night. By Wednesday a portion of it crumbled at around 8.10pm. Twenty minutes later the entire structure built by Srikrishnadevaraya collapsed . But, miraculously, as the debris fell, Krishnadevaraya’s statue right in front of the gopuram was left unscathed. The architectural marvel was built by Vijayanagara ruler Srikrishnadevaraya in 1516 AD to celebrate his victory over Gajapathi kingdom.

The incident created panic among pilgrims , who blamed the negligence of officials and temple board members for the mishap. While the cracks became prominent in the past four days, it is learnt that narrow crevices had started appearing almost a month ago.

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